Photography articles for VARMODE by Ravi Sidhu

Music Concert Photography: Capturing Moments

Have you ever looked at the pictures of your favourite artist from the concert and wondered how the picture is so crisp and clear despite the lighting around the stage? Well, this is made possible through the work of professional music photographers
December 19, 2023
What Is The Difference Between Family And Lifestyle Photography

What Is The Difference Between Family and Lifestyle Photography?

If you’ve looked into hiring a professional photographer, you’ve probably noticed some offer “family photography” services whist others specialise in “lifestyle photography.” On the surface, they may seem pretty similar – photographers taking pictures of people. But dig a little deeper and
June 4, 2024

How to Choose the Best Music Photographer

As a musician, capturing your live energy is highly important. Those magical moments on stage need to be saved forever through amazing photos. But finding the ideal photographer? Not that easy. This guide will help you pick the music photographer who’s perfect
May 22, 2024

Music Photography: What Does It Include?

Capturing the energy and emotion of live music is an art. As a highly-skilled music photographer in London, Ravi Sidhu understands the technical and creative vision it takes to shoot stunning music images. When it comes to well-rounded music photography, there are
May 13, 2024

Why Fashion Week Photography Matters

Fashion Week is the ultimate event for the fashion industry each year. Designers, models, stylists, makeup artists, and photographers from around the world gather to showcase the latest clothing collections. While the extravagant outfits take center stage, it is the Fashion Week
February 12, 2024

Music Concert Photography: Finding Creativity in Chaos

Music concert photography captures the raw energy and emotion of live performances. Photographing concerts presents unique challenges that require artistic skills to craft inspiring images among chaotic crowds. As a leading event photographer in London, Ravi Sidhu thrives on finding creative perspectives
January 24, 2024

Live Music Photography: How It Can Boost Your Gig’s Promotion

Organising a successful music gig takes passion, planning, and promotion. While the music itself draws fans, eye-catching photography boosts your event’s visual identity and helps convert new audiences. That’s where an experienced music photographer like Ravi Sidhu can elevate your gig and
January 22, 2024

Fashion Event Photography: Make Your Event Stand Out

Fashion events are a dazzling display of the latest styles, trends, and creative visions of designers. It takes skill and creativity to photograph these events in a way that conveys the spirit and energy of the event.  This is where an experienced
January 12, 2024

Event Photography: Everything You Need to Know

Event photography is a form of art that captures the life and energy of interactive occasions. A professional event photographer moves among the crowds, capturing the action of the event in the most authentic atmosphere. Let’s understand more about event photography, its
January 4, 2024

Lifestyle Photography: Types and Trends

Lifestyle photography freezes dynamic moments of experiences and events, weaving an alluring visual narrative. Unlike posed studio shots, lifestyle images showcase candid interactions in authentic environments. When done artfully, these photographs promote brands and topics by highlighting sought-after atmospheres. For organizations seeking
December 22, 2023